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Road Funding 

So have you ever wanted to know about how the roads get funded?
How about who is in charge of repairing each road?

If so then you have found one place to find the answers to these questions about the Roads in our own front yards.

Road Commissions: Their history, what they do, how they are funded, and milage covered.

Road Commissions Part Two: Additional info about the above topics from a different source.

Local Road Funding Procedure: How do repairs in our neighborhood get paid for?

TAMC Background: Who assesses our roads and how is it measured?

Drive MI: State wide group campaigning to improve Michigan's Roads.

Road Quality for Future: Outlining funding levels and road/bridge conditions in Genesee County.

Transportation Funding Crisis: What our roads are becoming and how to stop it.

Roads 101 Finance Presentation: Genesee County Road Commission Use of Transportation Funding.

Traffic Engineering and Permits Overview: Permits, Special Assessments, Certification and Abandonments and Rights of Way.