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Apply for a Permit or Address

As of December 1st 2020 all applications for Permits, both Right of Way and Trucking along with Addressing Requests at the Genesee County Road Commission are applied for and issued through Oxcart Permit Systems.
Please click on the link below to set up an account and begin applying for permits.


oxcart permits

Any applicant wishing to apply for a permit with the Genesee County Road Commission will have to use the Oxcart website. Registering an account with Oxcart is free and can be completed on their website under the “Applicant” heading in the top menu of their homepage (  Some of the many benefits to using the Oxcart platform include

  • Access to a simple, online interface for requesting transportation permits in Genesee County and many other county road commissions in Michigan.
  • Paperless permits downloadable to your computer or any mobile device.
  • Elimination of tedious paper processes, faxing and phone calls.
  • Expedient process of permit approvals.
  • Permit approvals pushed to your email inbox.

Processing and Credit Card Charges
In addition to the Genesee County Road Commission permit fees, Oxcart collects a nominal convenience charge and Credit card processing charge for each permit.