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The Administration Department consists of the Manager - Director and an Administrative Assistant.. The responsibilities of the Administration Department include the general management of the day to day operation of the Road Commission, all safety programs, risk management and loss prevention and control activities, system-wide transportation planning and information and data systems planning and development.

Dr. John H. Daly III - Manager - Director
767-4920 Ext. 243
Fax # - 767-5373

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Engineering, Construction, Design & Traffic
Ext. 231

The Engineering Department is responsible for the design and construction engineering of all County roads and bridge projects on the County Road system, and they assist other Divisions in providing engineering expertise and assistance. All roads within the city or village limits are not part of the County Road system. The Division is also responsible for department-wide contract administration, soil erosion control, right-of-way acquisition, subdivision control, and the County Road Map.

In the area of Project Development, this division is responsible for evaluating the needs of the County road system and identifying major improvement priorities. In addition, Staff works in cooperation with other units of government to coordinate transportation planning activities and seeks out grant funding for major improvement projects.

The responsibilities of the Traffic Engineering and Permits Department include traffic controls. Traffic controls include signing, signals, and pavement markings. The Department also investigates unauthorized activities and encroachments in the right-of-way.

Fred F. Peivandi, P.E. - Director
County Highway Engineer
Phone # - 767-4920 Ext. 234
Fax # 767-6570

Construction Engineering Office
John Plamondon, P.E. - Construction Engineering Manager
Phone # - 767-4920 Ext. 232

Design Department Office
Richard Hill, P.E. - Design Department Manager
Phone # - 767-4920 Ext. 264

Traffic Engineering Office
Bonnie Wood, P.E. - Traffic Engineering Manager
767-4920 Ext. 269
Fax # - 767-5370

Permit Office
Corey Jarbeau - Permits Specialist
767-4920 Ext. 250
Fax # - 767-5370

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Maintenance Department
Ext. 306

The Genesee County Road Commission is responsible for the maintenance of County primary roads, local roads, and the State Trunklines. Primary roads such as Bristol Road, Linden Road, Mt. Morris Road and Irish Rd., are shown in red on the County map. The type of work performed is very similar to those performed for the Michigan Department of Transportation on the State trunklines. Reconstruction, overlay, and bridge replacement projects are handled by the Road Commission Engineering Department, normally by contract with private companies although the Maintenance Department may do smaller projects. The local road system is shown in green on the County map. The Road Commission and the Townships have worked cooperatively over the years to upgrade the gravel roads on the local system. In order to have a balanced workload between winter and summer, the Road Commission performs local road construction to prepare the roads for contract paving. The Genesee County Road Commission Maintenance Department is also responsible for maintaining all State highways in Genesee County under a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation. These roads are shown in red on the County map. Examples of these roads include I-475, I-69, US-23, M-57, M-47, and M-15. Types of work performed include plowing snow, patching holes, mowing the roadside, ditch cleanout, sweeping, guardrail repair, and some joint repair on concrete pavement.

Anthony Branch - Director of Maintenance
767-4920 Ext. 286
Fax # - 767-3634

Sign Shop Office
Don Bright - Sign Shop Lead Foreman
767-4920 Ext. 301
Fax # - 767-3634

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Equipment & Facilities - Stock Room
Ext. 260

The Department is responsible for formulating specifications for purchase, rental, or lease on all equipment, buildings, and work on the grounds at all six complexes, and all maintenance of equipment, buildings, and grounds.

Randall Dellaposta - Director of Equipment & Facilities - Stock Room
767-4920 Ext.270
Fax # - 767-0799

Equipment & Facilities - Senior Accountant
Ranae Gallagher - Extension 260

Mike Ethridge - 1st Shift Shop Supervisor
767-4920 Ext. 224

Todd Davis - 2nd Shift Shop Supervisor
767-4920 Ext. 279

Kendra Love-Bezzell Stock Room & Facilities Supervisor
767-4920 Ext. 257
Stock Clerks Ext.'s 288, 258 & 259

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Finance Department
Ext. 225

The mission of the Finance Department is to provide its customers with excellent financial services and valuable information. The Finance Department responsibilities include all day-to-day financial transactions of the Road Commission including budgeting, accounting, data processing, and financial reporting.

Melissa Williams - Director of Finance
767-4920 Ext. 228
Fax # - 767-4979

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Personnel Department
Ext. 267

The Department is responsible for employee relations, training, recruiting, benefit administration, worker's compensation and organization improvement.

The Safety Division is part of the Administration Department, and the Safety Coordinator reports directly to the Manager-Director. The responsibilities of the Safety Division include coordination of all employee training in regard to safe work practices, MIOSHA compliance, selection and purchase of personal protective equipment and first aid supplies, employee accident investigation, some aspects of DEQ compliance and various risk management duties.

Felicia Ivey - Safety Coordinator
Phone# 767-4920 - Ext. 238

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