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What is a Special Assessment District?

It is a citizen-initiated public petition process through which the local township government can issue bonds for a specific service such as road improvements.

Why are Special Assessment Districts necessary?

The Road Commission’s annual budget does not come close to covering the cost of all the road improvements that need to be made. Roads that are highly traveled often take priority, exhausting the limited funds available. It is important to note that property taxes do not go towards fixing roads. Most of the Road Commission’s funding comes from gas taxes and vehicle registration fees.

What is the process for starting a Special Assessment project?

Request a petition for improvement through your township. The township will prepare it for you. Collect signatures representing property owners from at least 51% of the linear footage along the road. Once the petition is determined to be complete, the township will hold a hearing to hear any objections. After the hearing, the township board will vote to move forward with the project. The board will advertise for bids, award the contract and then work will begin.